Research Pannels

Research Panels

The DBDS International Conference 2020 welcomes academics, professionals and PhD candidates from around the world to a rigorous discussion of current academics topics divided in three Research Panels: Business and Marketing, Digital Behaviour and Data Sciences and, Multidisciplinary Approaches.

This year the main theme will be “Leveraging Technology for Business Economics and Marketing” and the Conference will bring together the leading  worlds’ experts to debate on Digital Behavior and Data Science Research for Marketing. Abstracts are invited on all aspects of Digital Marketing and Data Science in particular to cover the indicated research areas.

Areas of Business and Marketing related to digital or technological approaches. Open to areas such as Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategy or Information Technologies (IT), among others.

Digital Business
Digital Marketing Innovation
Digital Transformation
Digital Entrepreneurship and Startups Digital Strategy
Information Technologies (IT)
Marketing Automatation
Marketing Intelligence
Digital Trends
Online Reputation Management
Social Media Marketing
This panel studies User Behavior wether it is from data-centric or user-centric approaches. Open to any methodologies to improve Business or Marketing performance.

Data Mining 
Digital Neuromarketing 
User Generated Content
Big Data Analytics 
Information Management
Knowledge Discovery
Data Visualization
Online Customer Behavior User Experience (UX)
Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Social Networks Analysis Machine Learning 
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital Business and Digital Marketing demand multidisciplinary research. This panel is open to analyze any area that serves to improve Digital Business and Marketing from a broader perspective.

Education Technologies
Legislation for Digital Businesses
Digital Humanities
Social Sciences
Ethics for Digital Businesses
Privacy in the Digital Era
Digital Psychology
Behavioral Economics

Once selected the Research Panel, DBDS 2020 organisation encourages you to submit your extended abstract to be presented at the conference. Information relative to the submission process can be found in the Submission Page. Information relative registration and payments can be found in the Registration and Fees page.