About DBDS

DBDS International Conference is organised by Rey Juan Carlos University annually as an initiative of Dr. Jose Ramon Saura and Dr. Ana Reyes Menendez. DBDS 2020 will be hosted by Universide Portucalense that will count with Dr. Ferrao Filipe as a Guest Co-Chair. The DBDS International Conference 2020 welcomes academics and doctoral students from around the world to a rigorous discussion of current topics on Business and Marketing.

Organizing committee

DBDS International Conference

DBDS is a meeting point for researchers and companies interested in learning about the latest advances in digital behavior and data sciences applied to business and marketing. The Conference is organized by the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain) and is hosted by a guest university every year. The Conference is divided into three main panels of knowledge that aim to achieve a holistic analysis of the Digital Behavior and Data Science for business and marketing.


   – Dr. Ana Reyes-Menenedez, Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain. More info

   – Dr. Jose Ramon Saura, Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain. More info

 – Dr. Ferrao Filipe, Vice-Rector Universidade Portucalense, Porto, Portugal

Scientific and Technical Committee

DBDS 2020 Scientific Committee is in charge of promoting new sections that could be included in the existing Research Panels as well as selecting the best extended abstracts presented at the conference. Members of the Technical Committee will establish the parameters of admission of communications supporting the Scientific Committee decisions.

Scientific committee

   Prof. Dr. Stephen B. Thomas, University of Maryland

   Prof. Dr. Mariano Luis Alcañiz Raya, University of Valencia

    Dr. Antonio Grilo, NOVA University Lisbon​

    Dr. Juan Sabuco, University of Oxford

Technical Committee

   – Dr. Gi Woong Yun, University of Nevada Reno

   – Dr. Dag Bennett, London South Bank University

   – Dr. Marco Hubert, Aarhus University

   – Dr. Lorena Blasco-Arcas, ESCP Europe

   Dr. Pedro Palos-Sanchez, University of Seville

   – Dr. Lea Kubíčková, Mendel University

  – Dr. José L. Ruiz-Alba Robledo, University of Westminster

   – Dr. Stanislav Mokrý, Mendel University

   – Dr. Wajid Hussain Rizvi, Institute of Business Administration Karachi

   – Dr. Marisol Correia, University of Algarve

   – Dr. Beatriz Rodriguez Herráez, Rey Juan Carlos University

   – Dr. Martina Rašticová, Mendel University

   – Dr. José Álvarez García, University of Extremadura

   – Dr. Nelson Matos, University of Algarve

   – Dr. Félix A. Martín-Velicia, University of Seville

   – Dr. José Ramón Sarmiento-Guede, Rey Juan Carlos University

   – Dr. Pavel Žiaran, Mendel University

   – Dr. Cesar Alvarez-Alonso, Harvard University