DBDS 2020 (Postponed to 2021 due to Coronavirus Pandemic)

The conference is aimed at advancing the interdisciplinary research of users Digital Behavior and Data Science techniques applied to Business and Marketing environments.

First half of 2021 (Porto)

Hosted by Universide Portucalense and organized by Rey Juan Carlos University yearly.

Business and Marketing

Business and Marketing in digital environments as the main research areas.

Call for Papers

Prestigious journals will publish selected papers presented in the Conference.

Registration and Fees Information

Registration is open for authors, co-authors, PhD students and, attendees. Discounts for early bird tickets are available.

Submission formats: Extended abstracts. 



Research Panels

Business and Marketing

Areas of Business and Marketing related to digital or technological approaches. Open to areas such as Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategy or Information Technologies (IT), among others.

Multidisciplinary Approaches

Digital Business and Digital Marketing demand multidisciplinary research. This panel is open to analyze any area that serves to improve Digital Business and Marketing from a broader perspective.

Digital Behavior and Data Sciences

This panel studies User Behavior wether it is from data-centric or user-centric approaches. Open to any methodologies to improve Business or Marketing performance.